One Year In

Eric’s Thoughts

Exactly one year ago today, Jenny and I went our very first date. I already knew her well enough to know that an adventure would get her attention better than a cup of a coffee (“Gross!”), and I wanted to talk to her too badly to suggest a movie. So, instead, I found the hardest possible trail that the two of us could both reasonably drive to, and I asked her to take a walk with me.

I got us lost immediately. And, as she remembers it, I spent the entire time “just covered in sweat.” All I remember for certain is knowing that, beyond a doubt, this guitar-playing, hoop-dancing, yoga expert, who could utter the names of a dozen musical genres I had never heard of in my life in one breath, who had traveled all over the world, this sweet, passionate artist who needed a life of happiness and excitement… I knew that she was way, way too hot for me, and that clearly I had gotten away with something remarkable.

But, from that long, hot, (literally) misguided hike, I also knew that I needed Jenny in my life. And, a year later, I’ve rock climbed, swing danced (Twice! The shame…), learned guitar with her (and to hula hoop!), climbed new mountains, and eaten endless amounts of new food (and had a near-death experience with yu choy).

For me, it’s been an endless adventure and an amazing year. And it’s all because of this cutie:


So, watch out for us next year! We’ve taken all the easy countries, so now we’re going to really kick things up.

And maybe we’ll really get crazy, and buy a tablecloth or something.


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