I think Ireland and I have a lot in common, when it comes to everyday food. It's not about just meat and potatoes. It's meat, potatoes, and butter. The cabbage we still disagree on. — Eric's Thoughts



Cà phê đá is one of my favorite things in the world (after everything about Jenny). We didn't have the equipment to make it properly, but it's still like tapping into God. Or like drinking caffeinated, coffee-flavored Hershey's syrup straight from the bottle. — Eric's Thoughts

One Year In

Eric's Thoughts: Exactly one year ago today, Jenny and I went our very first date. I already knew her well enough to know that an adventure would get her attention better than a cup of a coffee...



I love making (and eating) bread, and French bread in particular is one of my favorites. Pain à l'Ancienne, is an old-fashioned style that fit our rustic menu just perfectly.  — Eric's Thoughts



I would, without a doubt, make any recipe on this list any day of the week. The food was fast, it was soaked in butter, and it was as good as any other country we've tried so far. — Eric's Thoughts


South Korea

We also had my brother Jason along to help us. And, as he's a vegetarian, we made a few alterations. Nothing suffered from it, though. Along with our India night, this was some of the best food we've made. — Eric's Thoughts



Don't let the name fool you – Arepa Boyacense is breakfast grilled cheese. Good job sneaking that in, Colombia. — Eric's Thoughts